Mike Owens, writer


Stripper, madam, fugitive--a resume worthy of a modern Moll Flanders

The End of Free Will

~~“You’re turning them into robots.” That’s what the principal said, and perhaps she was right. But what choice did Karin have? The way they looked at her, she knew, sooner or later they would come after her, these kids who had grown up on a steady diet of drugs and violence. Assaults by the teenage thugs that roamed the halls at East High were now so common they had become second page news. But Karin had no intention of becoming just another grisly anecdote in the campus annals, not if she could help it. Besides, well-behaved robots trumped vicious hoodlums every time. But she had to get to them before they got to her, so she fought back with the only weapon she had…memes.

The Threshold

~~Some folks in the small town of Canandaigua, New York, said John Merritt had a death wish. Maybe they were right. Why else would he be ice fishing after a brief warm spell had thinned the lake’s frozen crust? After an almost predictable plunge through the surface he’s saved by a team of medical experts who specialize in salvaging victims of cold water drowning. But the aftermath of John’s recovery, filled with ghostly visions and uncontrollable changes in his behavior, causes him to question his own sanity. Could all this be the result of his near-death experience, or is something far more sinister afoot?

.~~Coming Soon

…Daisy's Choice

Nothing left to live for, that’s how eighteen-year-old Daisy Sugarbush feels after an explosion leaves her blind and horribly disfigured. The neighborhood kids nickname her E.T. Her only wish is to be left alone to die in peace. But Arthur, her new therapist, has other ideas.

Non-Fiction Works:

Care of the Terminally Ill Cancer Patient, Charles C. Thomas, Pub., 2002

Primary Care Issues for End-of-Life Care, Handbooks in Health Care Co. 2003